time to start 2023! it’s ok to pause

Wow, we’re already well into 2023, aren’t we?

I admit, I definitely felt guilt at times about not publishing my ostensibly weekly newsletter so far this year, but I’ve definitely had a lot on my plate. Partners visiting, a household bout of Covid, depression, interpersonal conflic, projects and chores piling up. It’s a lot!

I told myself that I’d get a newsletter out this week, and look what showed up in my inbox yesterday: the latest Social Media Detox, “You probably didn’t notice this missing newsletter last week

N is right. We’re all living our lives, and don’t always notice what’s going on with others. Not in a bad way, but I doubt any of you are keeping a tally of the exact delay between each of my newsletters. I can take it easy on myself.

Speaking of projects, one has been branding on my new personal site! I’ve chosen a new domain, gotten branding going, and am in the progress of building it out. I’m excited for a new focus, and hope that in the next newsletter or two you’ll be getting this email linked to a different site!

I’ve saved a random assortment of lots of things over the past two months to share, so some of this will be new, some old, but all things that made me laugh or smile.


ChatGPT Is a Blurry JPEG of the Web – Ted Chiang, New Yorker

An interesting take, from a great author, that is making me rethink how I view the current trend of AI generated content flooding the zone.

How knitters got knotted in a purity spiral – Gavin Haynes, Unherd

This relates a bit to the interpersonal communication issues that I mentioned above. It’s really easy for virtue signaling to turn into dedicated harassment campaigns.

Welcome to the oldest part of the metaverse – John-Clark Levin, Technology Review

Online Governance has been a problem to manage from the start. Creating a place for people to exist together means someone having to form boundaries and manage the tradeoffs that come with moderation decisions.

It’s Fine to Never Meet IRL – Fiona Lowenstein, Wired

It is fine to never meet IRL. Many of my closest friendships and relationships formed online first, and often online only. We need ot accept that there are more types of intimacy available for those willing to find them.


Why are Adults Watching This Kids Show? (Bluey)

Because it’s really good and comforting and funny and you don’t need to pretend to be too cool to enjoy simple pleasures like that.

A Comprehensive History of Internet Horror

I’m a fan of internet horror, and while this generally covers the more well-known things, it’s a good little primer and timeline for different forms of the genre.

DEAD HORSE – Animation Short Film (2022)

Speaking of internet horror, this short animation is spooky in style and sound.

Should We Move To A 4-Day Work Week?

I think for many jobs this would be a big win for workers.

SUDs – Sheridan group film 2022

Reminds me of my younger self. Just because you don’t always manage things like chores well in one environment doesn’t mean that you can’t flourish on your own and want to do better.

What Are TERFs? – How “Gender Critical” TERFs Harm Transgender Folks

This video has been going around more lately thanks to the new Hogwarts game coming out and people who I guess haven’t heard about how hateful the creator of that IP is toward a variety of marginalized groups.

Don’t play Hogwarts Legacy — play these games instead! | Renegade Cut

Speaking of the new Hogwarts game, in addition to all of the anger directed at those streaming it, there’s been lots of good recommendations of alternative games to play.

Broke Bread (Left Tube has a Drama Problem)

This relates a bit to the interpersonal conflicts that I’ve been having lately. Marginalized groups seem really good at eating our own sometimes.

I love note-taking games and I DON’T CARE if that sounds boring

Seeing some of the beautiful notes that folks make makes me enjoy these games too. The Tunic notebook is beautiful!

Joe Rogan Wants To Get Ratatouilled (feat. Ben Shapiro)

I hate this video. Why can’t I stop laughing at it?



New GOJII album out! They’ve been doing more shows, more streams, and more music lately and I’m always proud of seeing how far their work and art is going 💝

Recopilación de Shorts #4: ACOMPAÑANDO ANIMALES CON LA GUITARRA (y el ukelele) 🐶🐱🦆🐒

Truly, some of the most beautiful music is made by animals 😂

떳다 그녀!! There She Is!! complete HD :: SamBakZa official

I remember when these were still getting made and posted as flash animations about twenty years ago. I did not know that there were actually five by the time it was done! Also I didn’t know how much the last few focused on romances that were not socially acceptable, even more than the first two.

I Own A Car – NSP

New Ninja Sex Party!!

Janelle Monáe – Float [Official Dance Video]

Also new Janelle Monáe!!

If you made it this far, why not share this newsletter with a friend? Or share with me some of the things that you found that you liked this week. Either way, I’m thrilled!