Vlogs, Code, and Plushies

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This week I decided not to make my vlog a repeat of my newsletter, but just talk a bit about what I want to do as a creator, and bonus on sharing some favorite plushies, thanks to a question that I got on Mastodon.

I’ve also been working on a browser extension that I’m tentatively calling FetchFox, which I put on GitHub. Note that it is extremely early and not fully featured up there. But the goal is to have a tool to make it easier to curate content for this newsletter, the vlog, and Mastodon. I posted it on Mastodon earlier this week to positive reception from others looking for a similar tool.

After that I’ll be getting back to my Digital Garden plugin and a new plugin that I mentioned in the vlog that I’ll record the creation of for some tutorials.

Thanks for joining me this week! Check out some of my shares below to keep you entertained over the weekend, and I’ll see you later πŸ’


How artificial intelligence is helping keep Indigenous languages alive – Annalee Newitz, New Scientist

It makes sense that the only way that AI is getting used like this is when people in those marginalized groups are building it themselves.

Mastodon Is the Good One – Jason Koebler, 404 Media

I like posts like this celebrating the decentralized web, but as the next post points out, it’s not all perfect.

A Quick Refresher on The Fediverse Meta, Blocklists, and Everything Up to Now – Silver Eagle

I’ve kinda purposefully ignored talking about the ongoing discussions about the fediverse outside of that space and venting at too many people too frequently in person. But it’s taken up so much of my brain space recently that it’s just ridiculous. Our mod team published a long post about it last month, but I figured I’d highlight someone external who was affected even harder.

I went to an elite virtual reality strip club – here’s what surprised me – Ryan S. Gladwin, Grazia

Kind of refreshing to read an article that points out the positives for both dancers and attendees, while not being from the perspective of someone who is deep in the community, nor against it.


The Web has lost its Soul – LOVEWEB

A great little explanatory animation about the quirkiness of the web that has been lost by social media consolidation

Dating (when you’re autistic)

At first I thought that it was a bit odd how much emphasis Illy put on autism relating to her dating life but it makes sense in the context of the video. I ever considered that it’s something that I’d have to “come out” about while dating, but it is something that has eventually come up in every relationship. Some just ended up being when the relationship was collapsing πŸ˜…

Is Mythology Dead?

Of course not! But perhaps the better question is does it serve the same purpose in our lives these days. Which I can’t say that I know the answer to, but I feel like it can.


The Explosive Growth of Computer Keyboard Mod Culture (with Hipyo Tech) – 2 GIRLS 1 PODCAST

I have always wanted a cute mechanical keyboard to add some (more) aesthetic to my space and to be better for my hands. But I want wireless and silent clicking as I hate the sound of loud keyboards. I know that it’s doable, but I also don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, sight unseen πŸ˜…

How to Fight Monopoly Power with FTC Chair Lina Khan – Factually! – 234

I’m in awe of and thankful for Lina Khan. She actually seems committed to getting some useful things done for the average American, including restoring Net Neutrality rules, and making dark pattern unsubscribe shadiness illegal.

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