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This week I kind of just watched videos. A lot of videos. So many videos. So instead of having a share section of videos, I’m just going to plop them all here and say enjoy.

Also if you don’t like YouTube, I was reminded that the privacy-focused front-end to YouTube, Invidious, exists. The site that I used to use is down, but my partner uses, which just needs the video ID to find the same videos.

The channel iilluminaughtii is always interesting, and I’m amazed at how much researched content they put out weekly. This week I watched videos about how D.A.R.E. was a bad school program, The problems with the Lisa Frank empire, a year old video about kawaii culture, and the weird right-wing propaganda of Prager U Kids.

Speaking of Prager U, it must just be that week since Zoe Bee has been doing videos on dumb conservative kids books, Prager U and the alt-right pipeline, and why apparently it’s a dunk to say that leftists want to avoid causing harm by helping people.

I learned from F.D. Signifier about the objectification of black men. He appeared in a Salari video about how masculinity is a prison. Storied did a quick rundown of Aztec mythology. And Wisecrack talked about Disney Adults and if Disney is a Religion.

Watcher made makeup the way that Cleopatra would have. And Ghost Files is coming in September!

Finally I just watched silly things. Like North of the Border sculpting the coolest/most cursed bowl of fruit ever. And some John Mulaney audio clips taken out of context set to Disney Villains. The latest Jacob Geller, describing how Every Zelda is the Darkest Zelda.

tweet from @jessecase that reads, "Heads up everyone, it's Ninja Turtle weather". The included quote tweet is from NWS Storm Prediction Center and shows a US weather map with a design that looks like a Ninja Turtle


Markov Chat Bot Disaster Story – Anders Conbere

A funny and allegedly true tale of chat bots with too much power.

All these games, lost in time – Adrian Hon

It is unfortunate how many companies want to lock away old video games forever until they are forgotten by even their owners. Media preservation is not piracy.

tweet from @bugsmaytrix that reads, "you either log off or stay online long enough to become a furry"


I don’t like hiking – Pink Jelly

Friend of the newsletter, Alex, shared the first single that their band has released. From Alex: “It’s a an alternative rock/comedy song about our lead singer complaining about dating profiles.”

Plant Parenthood: How Psychedelics Can Help Parents Cope – 2 Girls 1 Podcast

sometimes you’ve just gotta do drugs to deal with it all.

PUP – Robot Writes A Love Song (Official Music Video)

Never heard of this band but you know I’ll share a band called PUP! And also the song is catchy

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