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This is another week where I have a lot of ideas on what I want to talk about (mainly Mastodon and Reddit and stuff like that), but just feel like I need to do more and more research, refine my thoughts even more. And writing has just not come easily to me for a while.

A lot has been going on in those spaces, which I assume that most of you reading this have seen at this point. On our Mastodon instance (now glitch-soc flavored!), we have been managing all of the changes going around rather well, I think.

Last weekend I visited Minneapolis with Tim and Shooshy. We timed it well that Minneapolis Pride was going on, and it just felt so much different, more queer, and better than it is in Orlando. For so many reasons.

A photo of david, Tim, and Shooshy standing side by side, with Tim's arms around the other two. They are standing in front of a church, on a long walkway with an inclusive progress pride flag painted on it

I have some projects coming up soon that I’m having fun with, and I am excited to share more soon. Until then, I’ll see you online! πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ


Don’t Look Away from Queer Despair – Evan Urquhart, Slate

We’re all looking away too much, and letting harm slowly encroach into queer communities.

Software Is Politics – Richard Pope, Fast Company

This will take the place of some of the things that I wanted to write about this week. An old article but it still holds true.


The Masked Lunatic That Hijacked American News β€’ Mystery Files

The season finale of Mystery Files brings us the mysterious case of the Max Headroom Incident

Is “Cis” a Slur?!

No, it is not. Fuck off, Elon.

I made Elephant Mario

North of the Border is constantly an inspiration for how well he does sculpting and painting projects, and how he makes it look possible for me to do too.


I remember hearing this story, but I didn’t know the details or how it ended up. Warning for moments of too loud music and flashing lights.

How Queer Communities Created Secret Languages | Otherwords

When safety is threatened, marginalized communities adapt.

The Green Between | Animated Short Film 2020

This is so cute! I love the different emotions animated into these elementals.


Saving Time Is For Suckers with Jenny Odell – Factually! with Adam Conover

I loved Jenny Odell’s book, ‘How to Do Nothing’, and this is basically more of that. I try to live by the idea of not pressuring myself too much to always be productive, but it’s really hard to maintain that.

Is the internet making us all lonelier? (w/ Tinder Live’s Lane Moore!) – There Are No Girls on the Internet

Like the host and guest, I have friends who I met via the internet, mainly communicate with via the internet, and have strengthened relationships with. It’s different, sure, but it’s not worse or wrong.

Study with Bluey // Cozy chill lofi music

I don’t like thinking that Bluey is stuck doing busywork, but I do like the vibe of this relaxing, focus music.

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