we could all have personal websites

I’ve been slowly working on my new personal website. Like very slowly working. Like I said last year that I was going to put it out in January slowly.

Well, now I’m finally getting closer to launch. I’ve been making myself do just a little work on it each day for the past week or two. I have been weighing a few new blog names, and how I want to present myself and my work online.

I watched this CSS Day lecture yesterday: This Talk Is Under Construction: A Love Letter to the Personal Website | Sophie Koonin | CSS Day ’23

It made me think of the fun things that I like on personal websites. The little touches that make them unique, and the ways that people showcase their personality and identity. This vibes with me a lot!

I’m working out a first of several patterns and themes, which is going to be pastel and a bit soft. I’m going for friendly and inviting, welcoming to those on the margins who might not feel as comfortable with the (frankly almost always with poor contrast and font size) standard dev blog.

I’m launching something to start today, because I really need to just find a place to stop and put it live. It’s hard to ship things!


A computer historian tells the story of one of the earliest copy protection battles of the personal computer era. – Laine Nooney, Vice

Pair this with the Factually podcast interview below. Laine Nooney is doing the work that more tech historians should be doing: don’t think only of the physical hardware and the larger-than-life techboys. Think of how it affects those who use the technology and the world around them.

Worldcoin isn’t as bad as it sounds: It’s worse – Andrew M. Bailey, Blockworks

No thanks, I don’t think that we need a database of eyeball scans for someone’s ponzi scheme.

Reddit calls for “a few new mods” after axing, polarizing some of its best – Scharon Harding, ArsTechnica

We need new mods, be willing to put up with our garbage and willingness to oust you at any moment when we are unhappy with your requests.

Why Generative AI Won’t Disrupt Books – By Elizabeth Minkel, Wired

A good thought: sometimes tech startups are just a made up problem in search of a solution.


The COMPLETE Venture Bros. Timeline

Looking forward to watching the movie, and hoping that we get more of this deeper than it has any right to be show in the future.

What Brain Damage Reveals About Language | Otherwords

Something positive from something negative

My summer as an afterschool teacher 2

I love Illy’s animations. And I feel validated about how she treats children as people.

The Scandalous Life of France’s Bisexual Opera Icon • Puppet History

I desperately wanted the answer to every question this week to be “had sex with them, then burned it down”. It was more than zero times 🤣


How Computers Took Over Our Lives with Laine Nooney – Factually!

Even better than the excerpt posted above is a discussion in Laine’s own words.

Influencer Creep & The Return of Banal Vlogging – Digital Void Podcast

Parasocial relationships can get very dangerous, but on the light end of it they can provide a valuable source of comfort.

Lo-fi for Panthers (Only) 🐾

I won’t tell if you won’t that we’re both vibing to this.

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