Welp, I got sick too

Glad I said in advance that I’d take an extra week off after my trip!

I decided to go on a camping trip for my vacation week, thinking that it would be relatively safe. But I didn’t factor in flying in and out of the state that was having the highest covid transmission rates that month. So two and a half years into the pandemic, I finally contracted covid myself.

I’m not sure how it would have felt if I wasn’t vaccinated or boosted. I had a few days that were truly terrible, and I’m on day thirteen of physical symptoms right now. I’ve finally gotten some negative tests, but that didn’t stop me from spreading it to my partners.

Over the past two weeks I’ve barely read, unable to really focus on words for too long. This has also meant that between my trip and illness I’ve not written much, whether words or code.

I know that taking time for myself and to rest is important, but sometimes the time that I want for myself is to create. To write something to share, and to write code to enable myself and others to do things.

I’ve finally started writing a new plugin for WordPress. One that will do a specific job for me, but could be useful for others. I’m hoping to finish this for once, and get back to producing useful things. It’s hard to untrain myself from the need to feel needed, and right now I don’t want to fight it and just want to build.

tweet from @random_walker that reads, "I mis-clicked on one of my 150 open tabs and it happened to be a tab that's been open since 2019 with a paper that has a solution to the exact research problem I've been puzzling over today. This is the moment I've been waiting for and I've decided to never close any tabs again"


When Covid Came for Provincetown – Maryn McKenna, Wired

Having lived through a stigmatizing pandemic already, gay culture has a history of reporting and contact tracing.

‘Sex-to-Earn’ Startup Thinks People Will Fuck for Crypto – Samantha Cole, Vice

When everything is commoditized, will sex finally be sold legally?

Crypto Winter Is Here. The Weak Will Die, and the Strong Will Eat Their Bones – David Z Morris, CoinDesk

I mean, the title did get me to read an article that I would have otherwise never seen. But damn, crypto is wild.

South Park Avenue Starbucks in Winter Park is the latest local store to join the national union drive – McKenna Schueler, Orlando Weekly

My partner helped lead the drive to unionize their store, and mail-in-voting is currently happening!

tweet from @DialHForHagai that reads, "important to remember that “protagonist” and “antagonist” do not necessarily imply moral positions (and cannot be equated to “hero” and “villain”). for example, in GARFIELD, Garfield is the protagonist and Jon Arbuckle is the antagonist, but they are both, at their core, villains"


How Ancient Mythologies Defy the Gender Binary | Fate & Fabled

Nonbinary identities have been around for longer than the gender binary.

The Legend of Zelda : Link’s Awakening (dunkview)

Dunkey being serious in a video, for one of my favorite Zelda games ever.

Cheating in video games used to be fun

Speaking of games, what happened to when using cheats was just a thing to make the game more fun, not to be a pest online?

Being a YouTuber is Hell (Unless You’re Huge) | Salari

I don’t agree with everything that he says, but I do like some of the points that Salari brings up about the creator economy, and how the long tail of content makes a winner-takes-all situation even worse.



More Inside? More Inside!

DJ Cummerbund – About The Damn End

I dunno, it’s a weird concept mashup that hits just right.

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