Wolfpaw Weekly: I should just be on snouts.

A selection of what I’ve read and watched this week

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I’m doing a 366 Day Challenge, and am 51 days in. You can follow along on my PixelFed account.

This weekend I’ll be at Florida DrupalCamp. I’m giving a presentation on Sunday about Ethical Web Design. I am writing a post to go with my slides, both of which I’ll have on the blog next week and put in the newsletter.

Today I took a React workshop, since I wanted to get more hands-on training with a front-end JS framework. Somehow I was still able to get the newsletter together, which is fairly amazing to me.

This week has been rather disconnected from the internet in a few ways, which has been nice. I’ve been keeping active with friends online, but otherwise have tried not to dig myself into any of the deep clickholes that regularly tire me out.


Two things to listen to this week from the Snouts.Online community!

Episode 11: Helvetica feat. @jay@snouts.online — Commune College – This is the first episode of Commune College with a guest, and I really enjoyed it! I know a bit about typography, but not all of the things that Jay covered. The rest of the team (Hyperlink, Proxy, and Keeble), brought a level of understanding on how capitalism ruins everything, including typography.

Episode 14: Cheaper By The Dozen 2 Steve Martin — haha yeah – This show, by Hyperlink and Sel just came back for season two on #MastoMonday. I admit, I rarely get into shows like this, without a clear goal or thread between episodes. It’s the energy of the hosts that keeps me going here, which translates well from their fediverse postings.

You can see their other shows on Hyperlink’s SoundCloud.


Sci-Fi Short Film “Midnight Marathon” presented by DUST – DUST regularly posts lots of interesting short sci-fi films on their YouTube channel. This one I mainly liked because I was not alone in recognizing that it was very reminiscent of the unsettling LOCAL58 series.

Cain’s Offering – I Will Build You a Rome – I was trading some music recommendations with @RussellTheFox@snouts.online and they mentioned Metal as a favorite genre. As a teen I used to attend metal shows all the time, but it’s not been something that I’ve listened to much lately. This song is pretty great though! My trade for this was of course david Bowie, specifically “Blackstar“, off of his final album of the same name.

The Acorn Princess | Animated Short Film – A cute, short animation that came out this week about an acorn princess, a flower prince, and how they are best friends in love with others.

The Daggure (by Jey Pawlik) – Game Grumps Animated – An even shorter animation from when Arin at Game Grumps was gaming on his own. Arin talking to himself makes sense for the show, but always sounds weird to me 😂


Larry Tesler, the father of cut-copy-paste, has died at 74 by Rachel Kaser – I used copypaste like… eighty times in the production of this newsletter. The effect that Mr. Tesler had on GUI computing cannot be overstated, and this was before computers had GUIs!

Pay Up, Or We’ll Make Google Ban Your Ads by Brian Krebs – Pretty devious extortion scheme surfaced on the Krebs on Security blog. Basically, scammers are threatening site owners who use Google AdSense to pay them Bitcoin, or they’ll send so much fake traffic to their ads that Google will block their AdSense account. Anywhere that people can make money online there will be people abusing it.

Savage Memes and Lunar Dreams: Deceptive Dating Sites’ Intimate Ties to Firefly Aerospace by Alex Kasprak – Hey look, people having the ability to make money online and abusing it! Unlike the above scam, this is a deeper, more twisty web of shell corporations, stolen modeling photos, and suspect celebrity social media posts. Snopes did their homework for this piece, and it shows.

Why I Fucking Hate Weblogs! by Donald Brook – This post (or whatever someone would call it who hates blogs) is hard to read. It is from 2002, before weblogging really hit the mainstream. The author himself compares it to Bob the Angry Flower, though I would compare it to the kind of shitpost that The Best Page in the Universe would do that I used to love as an edgy teen but is now a big turn-off for me. Basically, you should suffer as well. Try to draw some comparisons to modern social media 😂

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend, and share any good finds of your own with me!

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