You can’t demand inclusion when you want the in-group dead.

This week I wanna talk about furries. Surprise!

Ok, I also want to talk about the internet hate machine, unnecessary proselytizing, and feelings of persecution over a lack of acceptance, something that marginalized people are already well acquainted with.

There are a few news stories this week on my mind. Kiwi Farms, a longtime notorious forum intended only for hateful content and doxxing of individuals that they do not like (aka people like me who dare to exist visibly online), is in the spotlight again. Currently the site is offline, and while I doubt that it is permanent this time, I can be hopeful. After a trans Twitch streamer was repeatedly attacked via users on the site, people have been demanding that Cloudflare drop Kiwi Farms as a client.

There is also an article going around about Evangelical Christian Furries, a term that many people already find funny and shocking. The furry community is overwhelmingly queer and generally accepting of various identities and beliefs. What doesn’t work out so well is trying to convert people to your faith, while simultaneously worrying that you’ll be doxxed for doing so.

I won’t pretend that everyone in the furry community would be kind enough not to try to bring harm to this group. The distrust is real, and is healthy to have. Christian groups routinely persecute and literally demonize others who do not fit their preferred view of the world, one in which some people deserve rights and some people deserve to die.

I’m active and out in a time where being so gets you labeled as a groomer. Where sharing LGBTQ history is equated with promoting “deviant sexual proclivities”, as if there is any real meaning behind that phrase at all other than scaring and mobilizing a base.

I don’t know how well these evangelical furries will work out in their mission. The Furry Raiders are straight up Nazis who are still active and trying to cause disruptions, to varying degrees of success. Before that it was the Burned Furs, also fizzling out due to ostracization in the community. Outside of the furry world you’ve got groups like the Texas Log Cabin Republicans, who have basically given up trying to have the GOP acknowledge and support them as gay Republicans.

I live in a country that is ostensibly more liberalized and democratic than a good portion of the world. While I know intrinsically that this is not true, it still shocks me that so many legal and political fights in America come down to people saying, “my god says that I can’t do this, and my god also says that you can’t either”, and enshrining that in law.

tweet from @Horsefur1 that reads, "Here is the most popular furry species search in all the US and Canada (2022 update). More coming very soon such as Europe, Mexico, Australia etc. All maps updated every so often on my Twitter!"

The tweet includes an image of the US and Canada showing popular furry species in each region.


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If you want to be relevant to Gen-Z (as Howard Schultz is quoted here as saying), maybe stop fighting unionization efforts so hard.

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This opinion piece is kinda bad. You are allowed to cut toxic people out of your life. They aren’t owed anything of you just because of some

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I think that the title says enough πŸ˜‚

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I love this

a tweet from @iconawrites that reads,
β€œHustle hard and become highly skilled!” Why, so the goddess Athena can grow jealous of my skills and turn me into a spider? No thanks.


Is Art Meaningless? | Philosophy Tube

I don’t mean to ignore the ways that Abigail Thorn

Three Decades of Akira Slide Homages

Some of these are tenuous, but the wide variety of takes on an iconic motorcycle slide are entertaining.

Let’s talk about green vs. blue bubbles

I don’t at all disagree with the statement, but it’s kinda funny (and sad) that Google is trying to get the consumer to do the work of shaming Apple into supporting RCS.

The Games Industry Is Failing the Working Class

Pretty much the only thing working class in the games industry are the characters that you play in games where you are stranded and alone and need to fight for your life



A brand new EP released today from my very talented friend GOJII!

Dragon Slayer (Level Up) – NSP

I love animated NSP videos

FMF 2018 | Video Games Music Gala | Journey Apotheosis

I also love any chance to share good Journey music. The cello soloist goes so hard here.

Of Monsters and Men – Phantom

The song and video are both calm and beautiful

Illusions of Control: Aesthetics, Nostalgia, and Meme Culture w/ Grafton Tanner – Digital Void Podcast

Follow up to my share last week on right wing meme hijacking. Of course everything that can be hijacked will at some point to radicalize people.

Yoga is for everybody and every body with Jessamyn Stanley! – There Are No Girls on the Internet

This interview got me to look Jessamyn Stanley up to follow. I like the suggestions on reframing practice to make it part of your life.

Chillhop Beat Tape β€’ SwuM x Idealism 🚏 [lofi hiphop & chill beats]

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