Day 13: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

Prompt 13/20 Blog: What is your favorite website built in WordPress right now (yours or anyone else’s)?

I know that this whole blogging experience is about celebrating WordPress, and this may feel a bit self-serving in that regard, but the Make WordPress website is a great website built with WordPress to highlight. Built with the free P2, which now offers as a paid product, P2 shows that you can have a robust community right within WordPress.

The Make WordPress site has a lot of detailed information for the organization of the WordPress contributor community. It’s also where the community organizes to work on the project itself. All major decisions and recaps of conversations that take place elsewhere are posted to the site. Much of the discussion takes places in comments on the site.

This means that you can follow along with the decision making process and ongoing tasks and roadmap for WordPress from one place, with everything written out. This is also part of the drive from community members to keep everything transparent in decision making and planning. With a useful resource like this, anything that looks like behind the curtain dealmaking is bristled at.