Day 18: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

Prompt 18/20 Blog: Download the WordPress Mobile app and post a post from the app about your experience posting from the app.

I don’t think that I’ve ever actually used the WordPress mobile app to write before.

I’ve been writing my post drafts in Notion lately. Not because I don’t like writing in WordPress itself. That’s where I compose all of my weekly newsletters after all.

No, the main reason that I use an external writing app is because I want somewhere that I can easily search all of my notes and writing, not just things on this one site. I’ve considered in the past funneling multiple sites and other sources into one searchable database, but that hasn’t come to fruition yet. I would want to automate it and just haven’t found something that fits all of my wants, though I think that DEVONthink might be a workable solution if I ever get around to fully setting it up.

The mobile WordPress app certainly feels quite usable, but I’m not much for using my phone for computing most of the time. Even formatting and grabbing links to paste in was much easier to do on my laptop and I cheated by editing this draft there after writing. That seems more like a me issue than an app issue though.