Day 19: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

Prompt 19/20 Blog: If you could have one wish for WordPress granted, what would it be?

This is a tough prompt! There are so many things that I would like to do with WordPress that haven’t been done yet.

I suppose the one wish that I have is for the good parts of our community and general vibe to be able to transfer to a general consciousness of how the internet and work should work.

For instance, a lot of WordPress agencies do four day workweeks, and Automattic has been remote from the start. I would love more jobs to work this way, and free people from a lot of busywork and commuting that is doing no one any good.

We also value group contributions in a way that a lot of other organizations do not. More can be done with a diversity of voices and experiences. It would be great if more spaces embrace this ethos.

Sure, I could provide some specific code ideas, but I’d rather change mindsets, and the code will follow.