Day 3: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

Prompt 3/20 Blog: Do you have a favorite WordPress block? If so, tell us why! If not, tell us why not! (Note: It doesn’t have to be a core block) Post your response on a WordPress website and link it in the comments.

I first wanted to go the route of choosing the humble Paragraph Block as my favorite WordPress block. Besides being the one that is most widely used, it is also such a simple way to represent the power of the web, as well as WordPress. You can type words, hit publish, and they are available for others to read!

Instead though, I’ll highlight the Cover Block. This is the block that showed me the power of the Block Editor most easily. I’ve created Cover Block style designs for a lot of websites, and they always required a lot of custom CSS to line things up properly, make responsive, and look good. Plus they weren’t always the most accessible. Plus they needed extra backend work if I wanted to let clients edit/add photos themselves. Plus they wouldn’t look like they do on the frontend while editing!

My Wonderful Family 🥰

Look at that! A piece of art that I get to share again, with some text over it, and a semi-opaque cover over the image to make it easier to read. Plus, it is wider width than the rest of the content. All done with a built in block.

This is the power of WordPress, with the promise of seamless editing becoming more and more of a reality thanks to the hard work of countless volunteers and contributors.




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