screenshot of the website The Nintendo Gamer via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Day 4: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

Prompt 4/20 Blog: Tell us about the oldest WordPress website you know of/worked on/built that you can find in the Wayback Machine. When is it from? What was it for? Screenshots encouraged.

Alright, I finally have to share this old site. I have avoided it in the past because quite honestly, I assumed that the domain name and header image would have gotten me hit with trademark infringement and a DMCA notice. Thankfully I was far too small time for this πŸ˜…

a screenshot of the website The Nintendo Gamer taken from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Look at that! A custom header in the NES font! Two header menus! And the same quality of writing 🀣

While the archives here are from 2010-2011, the site had been started elsewhere in 2008. It’s been a while since it was directly online, but it is admittedly nice to be able to take another look at it thanks to the invaluable Internet Archive.

I just made a donation to the Internet Archive in thanks for keeping some of my old sites up well past any value to anyone but me. I encourage you to do the same!