screenshot of the front page of the Museum of Block Art website

Day 5: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

Prompt 5/20 Blog: Tell us about the most creative use of WordPress that you have ever seen. It doesn’t have to be a website you’ve worked on, but it can be!

If we are talking about creative use of WordPress, and specifically of Blocks, the Museum of Block Art is a good place to start.

Created by several designer and developer contributors to WordPress, the MOBA is meant to showcase the creative power granted by core WordPress blocks, without having to rely on custom CSS to get there.

The results are impressive! There’s artistic framing! There’s magazines! There’s Mario! There’s rainbows! There’s Mondrian!

screenshot of the front page of the Museum of Block Art website

Look through the gallery and find something that will inspire you to block creative action. I know that I will be making something pretty with blocks.




2 responses to “Day 5: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks”

  1. Anne McCarthy Avatar
    Anne McCarthy

    Thanks for highlighting MOBA for this response! It’s so neat to see.

    1. david wolfpaw Avatar

      Of course, glad that it exists!

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