Day 17: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

Prompt 17/20 Blog: Tell us about your first or favorite contribution to WordPress. If you haven’t officially contributed yet, tell us what are you hoping to contribute in the future.

I still remember my first core contribution to WordPress, which happened during WordCamp San Francisco 2013.

At the time I was a Windows user, having only touched Mac computers for a few creative classes in school. Basically, I didn’t know much about the ecosystem. What I did know is that every time I went to a web dev conference it felt like the rooms were 90% Mac users, with the rest split between Linux and Windows laptop toters.

In my brilliance, I purchased a Macbook about two days before WordCamp San Francisco, just enough time to get the basics with it and download some apps.

During the event I found out that the Automattic lounge was going to be hosting a WCSF Dev Day after the main event, where core contributors would be teaching how to contribute code, as well as talking through projects that they were working on, and coding together. I was excited to learn more, and eagerly attended the event.

Through several hours I was able to get help in solving an issue with a core theme issue that I’d discovered while putting together a site for our local WordPress Meetup. I found a solution that I worked, and got help from some extremely patient contributors. Not only in learning how to make a diff patch and work with trac, but basic things like how to actually get coding and uploading files with a Mac. Truly saintly folks, who I remember to this day.

Ticket #24896 is my first of very few core code contributions, but I’ve found many different ways to contribute since then.




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