david standing next to someone in a mascot costume of the WordPress mascot, wapuu

Day 20: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

Prompt 20/20 Blog: Sign the WordPress birthday card!


Twenty days to celebrate twenty years of WordPress! Here are the posts that I’ve written for to lead up to the celebration:

  1. My WordPress Origin Story
  2. The first website that I used WordPress on
  3. My favorite WordPress block
  4. My oldest WordPress site via the Wayback Machine
  5. A creative use of WordPress
  6. A WordPress music playlist
  7. My Journey via emoji 🐺🐾
  8. Some of my notable WordPress sites
  9. My favorite memory involving the WordPress Community
  10. The WordPress Roadmap
  11. Where I was twenty years ago
  12. Favorite Plugins in the directory
  13. Favorite website built with WordPress
  14. Two truths and a lie
  15. WordPress Tip
  16. Hopes and Fears of AI in WordPress
  17. My first contribution to WordPress
  18. Posting from the WordPress mobile app
  19. One wish for WordPress
  20. Happy twentieth Birthday WordPress! πŸ₯³