Day 9: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

Prompt 9/20 Blog: Tell us about your favorite memory that includes WordPress or the WordPress community.

I don’t think that I can choose only one memory, but all of my favorite WordPress community memories involve WordCamps.

I’ve been to dozens of WordCamps, maybe nearing 100? While there has been a lot of slowdown since the pandemic started, I used to attend and speak at WordCamps on a regular basis.

WordCamps to me mean friendship. They are great places to network, learn things, find business, and present myself to others. But more than that they are places to see friends who I don’t get to see that often. To meet people that I’ve known from the internet but never met in person. To make new friends through chance encounters.

If I were to choose one specific WordCamp memory, it’d be one from Jacksonville, FL in 2019. I got to spend time with several friends, and have lots of interesting conversations.

  • I got to talk to a friend about memories of our first web experiences, bringing up some pleasant memories as well as spurring several project ideas 💡
  • A repeated verbal gaffe during my presentation inspired two of my friends to design and print a t-shirt for me, before I made being a furry part of my public identity 🐶🤣. I still have that shirt!
  • Lisa and I focus tested our Cards Against Humanity knock-off for Very Online People. While we didn’t end up pursuing the game further, I still have our demo copy as a reminder 🃏
  • I got to have more illuminating conversations with several friends who I was able to see in person rarely, as well as some locals who I get to see all the time. Those types of conversations are what keep me going with this community
A picture of david on the left with friends Christie, Allie, Jean, Alexis, and Lindsey in the halls at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019

I’m grateful for everything the WordPress Community has given me. There have been ups and downs there and for me personally, but I still count some folks that I’ve met through it among my closest friends. I can’t wait to get back to a WordCamp in August!