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  • WordCamp US 2023, as an Organizer and Attendee

    WordCamp US 2023, as an Organizer and Attendee

    As an organizer of WordCamp US 2023, I am overjoyed with how the event turned out. This was my first in-person WordCamp in nearly four years, and it did not disappoint. There were insightful sessions, plenty of fruitful networking opportunities, and community engagement that made this WordCamp a tremendous success. This was my first time…

  • david v34.0

    david v34.0

    Time for another annual product review! The thing that I do so infrequently that my last one was at v31.0 in January 2019. This time I’m not writing it as a series of release notes. Gotta shake it up! And my thoughts just aren’t flowing like that right now. Obviously a lot has happened in…

  • Do what you can for your community, your friends, and yourself

    Do what you can for your community, your friends, and yourself

    Covid-19 has clearly become the most important event of the year, and will have long-term effects that we can’t even see yet. One thing that I have noticed positively is the number of people who are stepping up to help their communities. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I could do to help, and…

  • Flashback Conference Recap

    Flashback Conference Recap

    I was thankful to spend the start of this week at the Flashback Conference, a small event hosted in Downtown Orlando. The event had the focus of, “Celebrating web development of today and how we got here”, and I think that it delivered quite nicely. One of the reasons that I attended the event is…

  • david’s Favorites of 2019

    david’s Favorites of 2019

    I’ve seen lots of “13 Best Whatevers of the Decade” posts going around, but I decided to limit to a few of my favorite things that I personally consumed in 2019 only, whether they were made last year or not.

  • WordCamp US 2019 Recap

    WordCamp US 2019 Recap

    My friend Allie Nimmons asked recently if anyone would read a WordCamp US 2019 recap were she to publish now, and the feedback was highly positive. So much to the point that Allie published her WordCamp US Recap that same day, and inspired me to write one myself. I am not quite as quick as…